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February Classroom Newletter

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Welcome to grade two. I am very excited to be teaching grade two this year. I
thought I would introduce myself . I have been teaching for 19 and a half years at
Olds Elementary . I have two children, a daughter, Sierra, who is 18, and my son,
Ty, who is going into grade 11. It has been an enjoyable day. What a wonderful,
well-behaved and hard working class I have. Grade two is an exciting year full of
opportunities for learning and having fun. I am thrilled to welcome you and your
child to my classroom. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year as we work toward a
goal of compassion and cooperation within our classroom and school.
I’d like to welcome you to keep in touch with me and the school. I am sending home
a number of tools to allow us to stay in contact. The Take Home Folder will come
home with important documents at the beginning of every month and when
necessary. Please make sure you return the folder every Monday. Today, I am
sending home the newsletter and book order form.
Feel free to contact me at the school (556-8477) if you have any questions or
concerns or email me at : If you need to meet with me
after school, please call me at school to schedule an appointment.